Aston Martin One-77 sprayed Power 750 Hp

Luxury car maker Aston Martin to claim their exotic supercars One-77 is a car with a powerful engine in the world. Cars Aston Martin One-77 new generation will be launched next year.

Aston Martin One-77's latest effort is claimed capable of spraying up to 750 hp and they think is the most powerful class.

British carmaker claims is certainly surprising. For the fastest production car today, Bugatti Veyron already has a staff of more than 1000 hp.

Even the American muscle car, the Ford Mustang Super Snake Shelby GT 500 in 2011 it was able to reach up to 800 hp power.

Aston Martin One-77 alone has the power for it from a capacity of 3.7 liter V12 engine capable of spraying power 750 bhp with torque of 553 lb-ft. The figure is claimed to be greater than the Pagani Zonda Cinque supercar is powered 681 bhp or even Pagani Zonda R is exclusively used in the circuit.

And despite the crazy relative worth, ie, reaching 1.2 million pounds or approximately USD 16.7 miliarm believe 77 Aston Martin One-77 units that will make them back it will be sold out sold.

"One-77 has now closer to reality for manufactured and of course there is considerable joy in these projects. Now next step is to conduct all details to complete the repairs and composition. I know at the end of this car will show what the Aston Martin team able to create , "said CEO Dr Ulrich Bez Aston Martin in Aston Martin's official website on Wednesday (22/09/2010).

Shipping a car is by Ulrich Bez will begin in 2011. And now at least 100 millionaires already lining up to get the most luxurious car is Aston Martin.

One is the rich buyers from the Middle East. Amazingly, he bought 10 units at once.

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Toyota released Spek Auris Hybrid

Toyota UK officially released the specs, and price and the Auris Hybrid, including its completeness, recently.

Hybrid version of the Auris is built on the Corolla platform using the engine 1.8-liter VVT-i petrol and electric motors. Auris Hybrid is capable of achieving maximum power 134 hp. Power of this magnitude could provide acceleration from rest to 100km per hour in 11.4 seconds. Power is flowing into the wheel until a maximum speed of 181 km per hour.

Family vehicles with 15-inch alloy wheels are quite friendly to the household budget for fuel consumption 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers. While emissions are friendly to the environment, ie 89 g per km.

If you want a more stylish appearance, Auris Hybrid can wear 17-inch alloy wheels. Yet its fuel consumption is so little affected four liters per 100 km and emits 93 g per km. Auris while NOx emissions are much smaller than that in emisikan diesel engines with similar Performance.

In addition, the Auris Hybrid can also be transformed to a zero-emission car that is now only operate with electric motors only. Cruise with electric motor power reaches up to 1.9 km with kcepatan 48 km per hour.

In the UK, Auris Hybrid comes with two variants based on its completeness, ie T4 and T Spirit. T4 uses 15-inch alloy wheels and optional 17-inch. While on the T Spirit uses 17-inch alloy wheels as standard-sized.

Standard features include climate control at T4 (air conditioning), six speakers, CD, radio, MP player, USB and aux-in, electric windows on all windows, LED lights, seven airbags, push button start, to advanced safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TC)-starts also Hill Assist Control which helps pengemdi when it should start on a hill.

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