Porsche is the car the Top and Most Reliable

GERMANY - Entering the final month in the first quarter of this year, JD Power survey agency announced the results of research back to a reliable vehicle (JD Power vehicle dependability study). The result, Porsche managed to the highest ranks above other brands.

Research focuses on manufacturers that are able to maintain reliability in 2010, a decrease sSekaligus avoid consumer confidence for long-term product in this year than in 2009.

Total, there are 37 brands in the JD Powers study Some brands included in the study, among others, VDS, Cadillac, Ford, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Mercury, which record the results of the wide gap between the performance of reliable and consumer perceptions.

'Producing the highest-quality vehicles to be one factor in competition among car manufacturers. They are competing to find out how to convince consumers of the importance of product quality. It took no less to slowly change the consumer's point of view positively related to quality and customer dependence of the product. It can reach a decade or even more. So, this value is something vital, "said David Sargent, Deputy Managing Director of Automotive Research JD Power and Associates, as quoted autoevolution.com (18/3/2010).

Some of the ways used by manufacturers to improve the perception of good quality is to provide a longer warranty, one of which combine features using high quality materials, and ensure that new products have better quality than its predecessor.

From the results of research, sports car manufacturer from Germany, Porsche, ranked at the top. Lincoln was the runner-up position. The next position is occupied by Buick, Lexus, and Mercury. Meanwhile, seven of the 10 car models that fall into the lowest category of problems is the Buick Lacrosse, Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS from General Motors, and Ford Five Hundred, Lincoln MKZ, Mercury Milan, Mercury Montego and the output in 2007 from Ford.

"Increasing long-term reliability depends on the frequency of component replacement. This is good for consumers and manufacturers. The manufacturers could benefit with a warranty claim rates low, while consumers happy with low maintenance cost and convenience are awake," said Sargent.

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BMW - Small Car with Front Wheel Motion

Munich - At the annual press conference at his headquarters, CEO of Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG, Norbert Reithofer stated that his company plans to make a small car with front-wheel motion technology.

Target, to increase the sales of BMW to 54 per cent in the next ten years. In addition, in order to compete with the A1, car permium sub-compact Audi launched at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this March. Added, these small cars are still in the research stage.

He further, the new platform is suitable for BMW motion system and the front wheel 4 x 4. The car is planned made with a modular concept so that later can be used to d berbagao models and brands. With the same small car, BMW is hoping their market in China and India continue to increase.

"In the future, we try to raise the growth in large segments, compact and subcompact. We will launch more models and variants for the Mini and BMW, plus the small car segment, "he explained.

He further, this time using the BMW rear-wheel motion. But that concept was untenable. "I'll have the BMW front wheel movement, a small car that will be made," he continued. For that also, Mini as a small car produced by BMW, both generations will be introduced in 2013 - replacing the second generation hatchback - sold with 20 models.

Planned, BMW's annual sales will reach over 2 million units in 2020. This year, global sales target of these companies, 1.3 million units. Naik thinner than last year's 1.29 million units. Mainstay of this year is the BMW-5 Series plus the latest Countrymen, the first Mini with four doors that will be launched next September.

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Nissan Launch Cheap Car

After the event had shown the Geneva Auto Show, cheap car that Nissan Micra Nissan finally launched in Thailand.

1200 brought small cc engine, the car that got called March in Thailand, China and Japan and the Micra in India, Europe and other markets, Micra born with fairly low price of only 375,000 baht to 537,000 baht, or just about USD 105, 000 to USD 150,000.

White elephant of the country, Thailand, the Micra will certainly be 'a walk' to various other countries. because that's not surprising sales targets up to 1 million units until 2013 was believed to be achieved.

Nissan Chief Operating Officer, Toshiyuki Shiga like detikOto quotes from Reuters, Wednesday (17/3/2010) said that the compact car will be sold in more than 160 countries. Thailand is just one of four factories factory will Micra namely in China, India and Mexico.

Meanwhile, for the affairs of the tiny kitchen runway this mengendong Micra 1200 cc engine capacity. The machine can produce power 80 PS or 78 hp with a torque of 108 Nm.

While the level of 115 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Emission levels is what makes Micra can be called environmentally friendly cars aka eco-car.

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Sketch Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Evo) XI

Sketch Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Evo) XI circulating in cyberspace. Evo XI rumored to be a car plug-in hybrid that will use electric motors to replace the turbocharger which are common in normal engines.

Evo XI will use the same platform with the concept car plug-in hybrid PX-MiEV which had appeared first in public in the event the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) in 2009. If realized, the 2.0L engine that Evo will be much faster automatic with electric motor assistance through the power of lithium ion batteries. This electric motor will drive the front wheels, while for ordinary engines will drive the rear wheels that make the Evo XI four-wheel drive.

"This electric motor will work like a turbo, it's just more quiet and smooth so that the performance of this car is no doubt," said a source.

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Lexus LS460L Best Cars 2010

Los Angeles - Toyota Prius and the Lexus LS460L best car won Consumer Reports version recently. Prius again won the award for environmentally friendly cars category. This year the seventh in a row this award winning Prius.

In the meantime, the best model this year is the Lexus LS460L who spend more than 280 other models tested. Assessment was based on the average value of road tests and predicted values is done reliabilty magazine. Assessment of this magazine to be a reference many car buyers to determine the car of choice.

Toyota Prius became the most popular hybrid car in the United States. Multiplied times the total sales compared to hybrid cars made by Ford Motor Co.., Which is the second largest producer of hybrid vehicles in the United States (U.S.). Even during this February, sales rose 10%.

Lexus LS460L Lexus is a flagship that offers a combination of technological sophistication, the best quality and craftmanship is incredible quality. LS460 become one of the most popular model in the premium class. Consumer Reports magazine also put Toyota as one of the best car manufacturers in the world.

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GM Camaro production to 100.000

Chevrolet has just announced that it has produced 100.000 Camaro into this week from its factory in Oshawa. Camaro to 100,000 color orange inferno SS. The results are impressive for a pony car because the amount was reached less than a year. Leading than once to ensure its main rival Ford Mustang.

Indeed, since June, Camaro, which had exhibited in Indonesia last year, has exceeded sales of the Ford Mustang. One of the key benefits of the Camaro is more powerful engines, although Ford Mustang superior in interior design.

Next month, the battle between the Camaro and Mustang will be called again for 2011 Ford Mustang comes with a well-balanced machine with the Camaro, while inheriting the benefits of interior design. Chevrolet Camaro to be a finalist for World Car of the Year this year in the design category. The winner will be announced in the New York Auto Show.

The second car is a reincarnation of the models present in the 60's era 70-an. The basic idea of this car is put a big engine in a compact sized car. The end result expected is a daily car that has tremendous Performance. Camaro and Mustang Charger from Chrysler also experienced periods of boom time, either in or on the circuit jalananan. However, fuel prices soared to destroy these cars. They are stored in automotive history to be resurrected at the beginning of this century.

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Ferarri Hybrid

Geneva: Ferrari's new surprise in the vehicle exhibition in Geneva Motor Show this year, with the launch of Ferrari 599 Hybrid. The Telegraph's website recently, Ferrari 599 hybrid vehicles appear as experimental in the Geneva auto show which is currently dominated by electric vehicles and environmentally friendly.

Shown in green "kermit" Ferrari 599 hybrids become one of the stars exhibit. This is a sign that automakers luxurious super-fast and began to consider environmental impacts. According to Fabrizio Favaretto engineers, the latest Ferrari gagetan called HY-KERS, still appear exclusive to only two seats and using the technology of Formula One Ferrari. Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) which connects to the braking system of lithium-ion battery into energy.

Fabrizio claim Electrical energy is stored and converted into power about 650 volts of energy, which can provide an additional 100-horsepower power. This energy is used for the additional power the engine speed to complete the six-liter V12 gasoline capacity and also to run as well as AC and power steering pump. In addition, with this technologically, Fereri able to increase the fuel consumption of 15.8 miles pergalon and reduce carbon dioxide emissions hinga 415 g / km.

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Hyundai i-Flow

Geneva - Hyundai makes the carpet Geneva Motor Show as the first debut of their concept car also comes from families 'i', the Hyundai i-Flow.

Exhibited not only rely on the design called 'fluidic', where the lines flow beautifully, not only to make i-flow visible
futuristic, but also makes this concept car is very aerodynamic.

Hyundai i-flow
With a length of 4.78 meters, 1.85 meters wide and 1.4 meters high, it is clear that i-Flow is not a small car at all. Actually, it refers to a new D-segment family car from Hyundai which plans to launch in 2011.

As reported by Worldcarfans, equivalent of i-Flow engine was the main attraction of the Hyundai that seemed to exhibit terkininya technologies, ie diesel electric marry.

Capacity diesel engines with 1.7 liter two-stage turbocharging, which is connected to the battery Polymer Lithium-ion is paired with a 6-speed
double berkopling gearbox. C02 emissions produced only 85 grams per km.

Hyundai's first hybrid diesel is also a key factor in providing environmentally conscious sort of performance, such as next generation applications that
developed in cooperation with the chemical company BASF.

I-Flow is also a test event for the ideas of new energy harvesting, ranging from flexible solar roof panels until the thermo-electric generator that uses waste heat to produce energy.

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

GENEVA - Though marketed to people terentu, Lamborghini appearance as the car SupersPort remain attracted people. Similarly, when, the company that was once owned by Tommy Soeharto, displaying the latest models are now on display at the Geneva Motor Show to 80, the Superleggera Gallardo LP 570-4.

Remarkably, this model is shown with a green plus black combination. Picture, the car more aggressive but more friendly to the environment!

More Aero and Light
According to Lambo - now owned by Volkswagen Group - This new model is more aerodynamic and lighter. Also more sophisticated machines that greater power. Certainly compared to the version before, MurciƩlago.

All were acquired for not much longer or exterior body parts sticking out. As for weight, lighter thanks to the use of special carbon fiber. As a result, this Superleggera weighs only 1340 when empty, 70 pounds lighter than its predecessor. With the same conditions, Lambo fanfare, the ratio between the weight: 2.35 kg/1PS. Great!

2.4 Seconds
Supersport is claimed capable of doing 0-100 sprint in 2.4 seconds kpj. Want higher, 0-200 kpj, only 10.2 seconds. If you have the guts to test the maximum speed, 325 kpj.

Compared to the previous version of Lambo, emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), fell to 20.5 percent. All that, because of changes in weight machines and a more lightweight.

V10 engine, 5204 cc 570 PS produce 9419 kW) @ 8000 rpm with a torque of 540 rpm Nm@6.500. This is obtained thanks to the technology "Iniezione diretta Stratificata" or direct injection. Gasoline is sprayed directly into the engine with 100 bar pressure and compression 12.5: 1.

Not forgetting to explain that the machine installed lengthwise or longitudinal posteriopre (extra long LP) fuel consumption more efficient, 7.4 kpl.

Fiber Carbonate
Lambo Superleggera also claim to be top models from around SupersPort made.
Because the exterior is more aerodynamic thanks to redesigned front bumper, the shape of the trapezoid body, the sharp nose and a V-shaped and LED lights for daytime.

There are also improvements in the pit and as the home difuser four tip exhaust. Superleggera uses a small rear spoiler. However, options are also offered with a larger size.

Superleggera body using carbon fiber developed specifically by "Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) at the University of Washington, Seattle, United States. This material is also used for aeronautical and astronotik up to Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Car dimensions: length 4.39 m, 1.9 m wide and 1:17 m high, with glass side and rear of the polycarbonate. To show art techno Lambo, shown in closed machines using polikarobnat transparent.

E-gear transmission
Using the 6 speed manual transmission is called Lambo "automated e-gear". Yes ... teeth can be moved automatically or manually. For the manual, soft enough to pull a lever or paddle shifts mounted behind the wheel.

It is said that the speed of tooth movement is faster than human reflexes. Provided two automatic modes. Model "Thrust" which allows direct bekerja@5.000 engine rpm without slipping on the wheels with motion system All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

Titanium bolts
All-black interior Superleggera, including joknya Alcantara leather. No less interesting is the 19-inch aluminum wheels are very light - down 13 pounds - was tied with titanium bolts.

For tires, used Pirelli P Zero Corsa Series is specially developed for the Gallardo, 235/35ZR19 front and 295/30ZR17 rear.

Please check can be stopped with a steady and permanent stability, Superleggera is equipped with Electronically Stability Program (ESP). KALIPER front brakes with 8-piston and 4-piston rear with a diameter for 365 mm and 356 mm.

Also offered special options, the ceramic disc brakes with carbon fiber in front of the piston 7 with a diameter of 380 mm. All of it, make a special Lambo for those who like to SupersPort and certainly have a lot of money!

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Turn Nissan Drag Car

Withdrawal from the market leading car continues. Tuesday (2 / 3) ago, GM announced its intention to attract 1.3 million units of automobile production. Now, turn to Nissan Motor Co., the third largest car manufacturer in Japan, announced a similar plan.

Wednesday (3 / 4), Nissan revealed its intention to withdraw from the 539,864 units North America market, Japan, and Europe. The reason is, there is a problem in the brake and fuel gauge. Around 460,000 cars will be withdrawn on the market the United States (U.S.) and the remainder in the global market.

According to the car manufacturer based in Yokohama, Japan, the car models which have a brake problem is the sport utility vehicles (SUVs) Infiniti QX56, Titan pickup, Quest minivan, and Armada SUV. All the cars were produced between 2008 to 2010.

The model car has a fuel gauge problem is the Frontier pickup truck, xterra, and Pathfinder SUVs made in January 2006-January 2008.

Fred Standish, Nissan spokesman units Franklin, Tennessee, USA, stated, none of accidents or complaints prior to the plan. Fred also ensure, recall action was not the force of the transport safety regulator in the U.S.. "There's no pressure on us," he said.

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CT 200h Lexus, Luxury Cars Spreads to Class Compact

TOKYO - luxury car manufacturers began to target young consumers. How to produce compact size premium cars. That's what launched the Lexus, the premium automobile manufacturers from Japan, Toyota's.

Lexus latest products prepared for these young people is CT200h. With frill "h", meaning this luxury car uses a hybrid power source. That is reliable Lexus.

With the hybrid power source, the consumer will get a tax deduction incentives from the government. Understandably this energy efficient and environmentally friendly in certain countries. on other aspects, this car can still meet the desire of young people to test, while showing a luxury but is very concerned with the environment.

Evolution LF-Ch. CT200h will be marketed worldwide starting later this year. However, the true figure could be seen at the Geneva Motor Show was opened to reporters today (2/3/2010). Lexus claims, CT200h is a full-hybrid car first compact.
This car is actually the evolution of the concept Lexus LF-Ch introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. While the design evolution of the L-finesse. This can be seen from the front, the big big bumpers. Another characteristic, shaped rear combination lamps L.

European style. Models or performance characteristics, follow the European style. Because that's all, this car performs in posture 5-door hatchback. So if you go to Indonesia of course cheaper than the sedan with higher taxes.
Body design, aerodynamic and claimed to reduce wind noise that filtered through glass windows. Solid front grille, showing the concept LF-Ch with a large bumper closed. The position of the headlights higher than grille (typical of L-finesse design) with the LED light for daytime.

Two Zone. Interior integration with metallic elements and black colors to give the impression of exclusivity and dynamic. Comfortable interior surface of the touch because it is made from high berkualits material. Dashboard is designed with an asymmetrical shape.
The cabin is very relieved that the distance axis of the wheels to reach 2600 mm. Lexus claims the vast interior CT200h biggest in its class. Trunk volume reached to 345 liters and 700 liters when enlarged rear seat folded.

Using the concept of the future Lexus interior with the dashboard of the two zones. Zone for information by 8-inch LCD screen. Whereas the lower zone for operational and control systems, among others stick transmission and multi-touch button functions.

To maintain performance, low-set position of the driver. Houses large instruments in the form of two dots with lights that can turn into a red.

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