Toyota Prius Hybrid

Although the issue of the massive recall due to brake problems on a Toyota Prius Hybrid in early 2010, twin-engine car was still ranked first in the map of vehicle sales in Japan in March 2010.

At the State Sakura sweet-selling Prius Hybrid sold up to 35,546 units, while the heaviest producers, through the Honda Fit Honda only managed 23,076 units sold.

As reported by autoevolution, Friday (9/4/2010) Prius sales figures meant Hybrid successfully occupied the first position in the Japanese car market for 11 consecutive months.

"Recall the Prius did not discourage purchase intention of Japanese people on the Toyota Prius Hybrid. Although it became a big problem, car manufacturers Toyota still can not meet demand for the Prius," said association spokesman at Japan's car dealership
Toshiki Miyake.

Until now, even the Prius became the best-selling car in Japan. Until March 2010, the Prius made it to the hands of Japanese society as much as 277,485 units or an increase of four times the number of years ago. While the Honda Fit is only capable of amounting to 173,154 units sold. Prius Hybrid has sold in the world own as much as 1.7 million units.

"Car sales are not going to die until next year," said Tokai Tokyo analyst Mamoru Katou. "Despite the cancellation, car sales will continue to strengthen despite a big commotion going though," he added.

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Audi R8 V10 Nominated as 2010 World Performance Car

New York: Intertwine in the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) in 2010 which was held March 31 to April 11 for Audi AG is a very special piece of history. Why not, one of which is anyarnya model, the Audi R8 V10 attributed as the World Performance Car 2010 on the mat.

For Audi, the award is a reflection that the model has been accepted Anyar besutannya world's consumers. "This meerupakan evidence that Adudi (R8 V10) has an attractive appearance and (character) reliable sports cars favored by konsumjen world," said Johan De Nysschen, Executive Vice President of Audi of America, as quoted, Friday (2 / 4).

R8 V10 jury selected by the World Performance Car 2010 consisting of 59 persons from 25 countries. The Jury's, a figure that has an international reputation. Besutan Audi sports sedan that has taken away 15 other cars into the top ranks.

Car ride ever appeared as Tony Stark in Iron man movie that, given a 5200 cc V10 engine capable of spraying up to 525 horsepower power. Thanks to the machine, this Audi R8 V10, capable of racing up to 322 kilometers (km) per hour.

In fact, Audi calls, acceleration from a stop (0 km per hour) to a speed of 100 km per hour is achieved within 3.9 seconds. One thing is interesting, futuristic-looking car. The impression was emanating from the grille and chrome-plated LED headlight technology.

While performing the rear bumper with new design. Rear view even more beautiful, with a different diffuser. Moreover, using alloy wheels measuring 19 inches 10 bars. Membanderol Audi's flagship model that started the U.S. $ 146,000.

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Ford Focus RS500

Ford Motor Company, Wednesday (31 / 3) launches the ultimate generation Ford Focus RS, the RS500. Hatchback limited edition of only 500 units produced. While the machine tool enhanced with the addition of turbochargers, Hence the power of 45 horsepower increase sprayed so menjadai 350 horsepower.

"So even with the increased torque of 440 Newtonmeter (Nm) to 460 Nm at 2500 rpm engine speed to 4500 rpm," said sources at Ford, as quoted worldcarfans.

Meanwhile, the maximum speed that can be achieved is 265 kilometers (km) per hour. While the accelerated pace of the rest position (0 km per hour) to 100 km per hour is achieved in just 5.6 seconds.

Consistent with the name 'special edition' is also made a special appearance. Affairs of paint, for example, is handled Focus RS500 3M paint coatings specialist in Frankfurt in order to obtain film doff. The more sweet black body with red on the interlude brake calipers.

In the interior, a few red accents are used in some parts. While in the center console adorned with limited edition number. But unfortunately, until now Ford has not given details Happenings price.

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