CT 200h Lexus, Luxury Cars Spreads to Class Compact


TOKYO - luxury car manufacturers began to target young consumers. How to produce compact size premium cars. That's what launched the Lexus, the premium automobile manufacturers from Japan, Toyota's.

Lexus latest products prepared for these young people is CT200h. With frill "h", meaning this luxury car uses a hybrid power source. That is reliable Lexus.

With the hybrid power source, the consumer will get a tax deduction incentives from the government. Understandably this energy efficient and environmentally friendly in certain countries. on other aspects, this car can still meet the desire of young people to test, while showing a luxury but is very concerned with the environment.

Evolution LF-Ch. CT200h will be marketed worldwide starting later this year. However, the true figure could be seen at the Geneva Motor Show was opened to reporters today (2/3/2010). Lexus claims, CT200h is a full-hybrid car first compact.
This car is actually the evolution of the concept Lexus LF-Ch introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. While the design evolution of the L-finesse. This can be seen from the front, the big big bumpers. Another characteristic, shaped rear combination lamps L.

European style. Models or performance characteristics, follow the European style. Because that's all, this car performs in posture 5-door hatchback. So if you go to Indonesia of course cheaper than the sedan with higher taxes.
Body design, aerodynamic and claimed to reduce wind noise that filtered through glass windows. Solid front grille, showing the concept LF-Ch with a large bumper closed. The position of the headlights higher than grille (typical of L-finesse design) with the LED light for daytime.

Two Zone. Interior integration with metallic elements and black colors to give the impression of exclusivity and dynamic. Comfortable interior surface of the touch because it is made from high berkualits material. Dashboard is designed with an asymmetrical shape.
The cabin is very relieved that the distance axis of the wheels to reach 2600 mm. Lexus claims the vast interior CT200h biggest in its class. Trunk volume reached to 345 liters and 700 liters when enlarged rear seat folded.

Using the concept of the future Lexus interior with the dashboard of the two zones. Zone for information by 8-inch LCD screen. Whereas the lower zone for operational and control systems, among others stick transmission and multi-touch button functions.

To maintain performance, low-set position of the driver. Houses large instruments in the form of two dots with lights that can turn into a red.




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