Land Rover Launches Hybrid Models In 2013


London: British automobile manufacturers, Land Rover, Wednesday (12 / 5) Land Rover announced that it will launch a hybrid at the upcoming 2013.

As reported, sources in the manufacturer's call, prototype test car started late this year. While the mass-production process started in 2013, which coincided with the launch of next generation large Anyar Land Rover, like Discpvery, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Classic.

In the early stages, Land Rover to produce a hybrid model of diesel engine combined with electric motors. After that, the manufacturer will produce a hybrid version of the gasoline engine combined with electric motors.

The first model will carry a hybrid technology that is, the Range Rover Sport, then follow the Discovery and Range Rover classic. "The product (hybrid diesel engines with electric motors) designed for the North American market, China, and Middle Eastern countries, where the diesel variant in the region was practically still rare," explained a source at Land Rover.

This hybrid model will be equipped with ZF automatic transmission system is eight levels of acceleration. Only, in terms of weight, the hybrid version is 110 kilograms heavier than the standard model of a conventional engine.

However, Land Rover claims the middle of trying to use lightweight aluminum to reduce weight of it. Unfortunately, Land Rover has not given details Happenings engine performance, features, support, and the price tag of such a hybrid model.



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